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I'm taking a break of DA now...See you all later..

You can read here.....kampf

*Updated link*…

What you think about?
As you may have recently read, there has been a conflict between some DA
artists and a user from Flickr called Herb Serra.

He has taken artworks from DA artists and placed them in his own gallery (some of which you may have seen in my previous journal) without giving any credits the artists or identifying the artist one way or another.  In some of arts Herb even erased the credit or croped the image, getting rid of any existing credit on the artwork.

We all did a mobilization to him and he felt it....So, Herb deleted all the mentioned
artwork from his gallery.

Herb Serra has come forward and apologized via my messenger. He is VERY sorry for what he's done and would like to resolve this situation with us.

Herb says he didn't have the intention of  "frauding" the works from other
artists, as he identies himself as a "artist lover" not as an "art
thief". He had the intention to create a gallery with work references
for the best artists for he can find. He didn't have the intention to sell the
works or show them as his own portfolio. His biggest mistake was not
having placed the due credits in each image or posting a message linking to
the original author.

I made Herb an offer:  If he post a public messge, reporting the
mistake and promise to give each artist their credit for their work  and ask for authorization from the original authors before posting a new image that does not belong to him, we'll stop flaming him.

What do you guys think about that?

If Herb call himself as a "artist lover", I believe this offer is more than fair to him.

We''ll keep an eye on Herb, if he continues submitting others' artworks in his own
gallery and does not  give respect to our intelectual property, we can follow
the legal path to resolve this situation. And believe me ... NOBODY wants to go down this path !!


*Thank you Nathalie for helping me with english...;)enyotic
I need your help.... komraids Told me there are a LOSER stealing works for many DA artists in Flickr.

See the shame:…

For who have an flickr account, please.....tell to this Thief the true....and help us to ban him to flickr..:pissedoff:

A Small list of stolen artists (updated - thanks for all support)


:star: Updates

***I sent a message to Flickr team, and I still didn't get any answer. As soon i get an answer be sure i'll post here..***

***The Art Thief deleted the set where was many of stolen arts, and he said the following:

"nah..this isn't my photo(illustration) my other elizabeth hurley;laetitia casta;darth maul and star wars pictures this art work is stolen..see originally in artists ass. (of course if you can find him/her..;o)) take alook at my other "stolen art works" at those sets:"  

Thanks to cd-marcus for information

:iconkrash: Is helping us posting a forum about this in Flickr.... read it above:…

I don't know about you...but I'm a little tired of DA.....

Do you feel the same way?

Vectortown is one of the best place for who loves vector art, and steeldolphin posted a recently interview with me..

Check it out!

If you are a vector art lover, join now!

Thanks :iconsteeldolphin:
Yeah, wonderful place...:) isn't?
Hello friends...

Sorry for the few deviations this month....I'm really busy...illustrating two books....I'm working hard...every day and weekend!....
My last piece was to the contest of the Vector-BR.
With Dragon Girl i won the hard battle with Cenildon my friend, a great artist and a hard challenger :p
As I promised, I did my first tutorial for this piece....You can download the PDF file with some tips for drawing eyes, hair and face using the vector resources from Adobe Illustrator (my preferred vector-based software). I hope you like it...

I'm a judge for the :iconbattle-ground: These guys are planning some cool group's very interestining, if you are interested in contests....check it out!

So...thank you all for the favs and comments...!


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Hello all!

Last month i did an interview for the Soulage Mag done by this exceptional 3D / Abstract artist :iconjesar:

If you want know some CrisVector secrets....please read it out :)

:star: CrisVector
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Hello friends!

Thanks for all favs and messages to Sandman Series....
I'm glad for this...

Sorry if i can't answer each message....and I can't thank for each fav....

This journal is just for THANK YOU ALL :)

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I'm starting a new series of drawings....based in the Sandman comic series....

I'll try to submit a new work every week....

:star: CrisVector
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Well It's Carnaval time in Brazil.....all things are stopped....

But'm working in a new works for DA...I liked the lastest works using the comic style...i intend continue with these works...Who know if Marvel calls me to do a crazy version for some superheros? :)

Btw i'm a judge in the vector contest from the Vector-Latino I hope see great vector works....these latino guys are awesome...

Thanks for all views, comments and favs to my works! You all teach me many things....thanks:)


:star: CrisVector
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:star:Hello to all:star:

I am a little delayed, but I can to wish much peace, health, work, success and money in 2005...for all...  
At the moment, I am looking for works to do, partnerships to form, projects to carry through.  I believe that 2005 will be a great year and I am enthusiastic:)
For the DA, I am waiting the collab work with uhre and the result of elimination battle V-Girls from vectorizers .
I am thinking to participate in the T-Shirt Contest, I don't have much experience with T-Shirt designs, but it can be funny:)  Soon I will have more work in my gallery.  

Thanks for all that follow and comment my works!


:star: CrisVector


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:star: Hello :star:

:bulletblue:I'm waiting for the Elimination Battle V-Girls results...this is my work for the Final Round…

:bulletblue: I won the Avatar Battle with Colourfool This was a HARD battle...i'm very happy with this victory :) my work…

:bulletblue: Working in a collab work with the amazing digital artist uhre

:bulletblue: Many things to resolve this'll a looong week :)



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The Champion!

Sat Oct 30, 2004, 7:36 PM
I am the Champion :D Thanks for all!

:star: :star: :star: Finally the day! :star: :star: :star:

NOW I know the result of the Elimination Battle B&W of vectorizers team!  

:star: I am the winner!:winner: :star:

Thanks for all that had helped me with my works, that had given force to me, that had made my work to grow up each time more! Thanks for all the critical and commentaries!...  With the victory in this Elimination Battle I got 3 Month Of the Subscription.... still I am learning to use the extra itens of subscription.  Still I'm another battle (Elimination Battle V. Girls) I am waiting the result of round 2... I am anxious! :excited:

Oh, Thanks to all for more than the 10,000 page views !!!!!


:star: :star: Hey People, I am the Winner of the Halloween… Thanks for all :winner::)

"Avatars In Posession"

I lost my avatar....(in a avatar battle) and i submited another...I think that the new avatar represents better the moment that I'm living....  

it's this... I don't have much to say...


"Avatars In Posession"
Yes...finally the weekend comes...and i can to sleep a little...:)
I was very busy with my work (graphic design) and with the works from vectorizers battles!
Well, I got good progress in the battles:

• Elimination Battle V-Girls:
  With "Dark Geisha"… I passed to the second phase of battle! :D Now I'm working in the second vector.... I hope to have good luck!

• Elimination Battle B&W:
  Yeah! I'm one of the finalists!!! With the "Stone Angel"… I got the pass to the FINAL ROUND!!!......Now I'm working in the final vector... It's looks very hard...I need to explore the most fine vector skills...

• Avatar Battles:
  In my last battle I win the jhonsyk avatar with the "Wake Up" vector work… and also i got the Daily Deviation for this work...(I think the people really liked it! :D)
Now i'm in avatar balttle with blindfive (my work:…) (blindfive's work:…) and waiting for the judges decision...

Well, it's just...Thanks for all people that look for my works and help em with you comments!



"Avatars In Posession"
Finally....I write here..

This journal is special...These last week were too movement for me....
First i really surprised with all pageviews in a short time (4000 pageviews in practically two weeks!) and I just to thank Voodoo-prophet for DD it allowed too many people know my work and help me to make it better...

With the same work (Avatar Battle - Wake Up… ) I won the avatar battle with Jhonsy Kay (her work… )
and I get your avatar! Thank you vectorizers!

"Avatars In Posession"

Now, i'm making a second work of Elimination Battle B&W from vectorizers Battle Team (yes, i passed for round 1!).

Tonight, i'll put the first work from other battle : Elimination Battle V.Girls2. I would like so much your comments and criticals....

Thank you very much!! :) :) :) :)
Hello, in my last (and one) journal, I wrote about the DD in "Circus"...I was very happy with this.... So, passed one month, i only can thank to all the compliment and criticals of my works, and for the 3200 page views. It makes me work better. I really loved the DeviantART website :)

I'm working in some battles of the vectorizers battle team

Soon i'll submit the "battleworks"....
And I need your criticals about.....:)

Thank you very much
Thank you for all comments. Really, it makes me to work more!
I'll add more images fo you soon. I was very surprised and happy with de DD, it didn't imagine that so many people would like then illustrations. I would like to find people to work, if somebody to want to use some illustration contact me through e-mail.

Sorry for my english... :(

Thank you a lot

:) :) :) :) :) :)